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Face To Face - Shoot the Moon: The Essential Collection

cbrickhouse   (1851 reviews)

Posted: 10/06/2005 | Comments: 15 | Rate:

Face to Face was hands down my favorite punk rock band. Their no frills, no sugar coating lyrics and music was all I listened to for over a year. The lyrics spoke to me in a way perhaps no other band ever has or ever will again. Seeing them live was a religious experience, they were SO good.

This is simply a catalog of songs from their past releases, and couldn't have come at a better time for me, because all of their CDs I had at one time or another got stolen or lost or are so scratched that they won't even play anymore.

Everything is covered, from Don't turn away to Big Choice and the self titled one. It seems the person that made this read my mind, because they picked all my favorite songs.

"Trust is something that comes easy, when you've never been a victim. Lies and promises and words are said, it's your decision to accept them". Get this, read the lyrics, enjoy the music, it is well worth the money. I could go on and on about this band, but nobody ever listens to me anyways so just buy this already.

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45,226 Posts
excellent band, cant wait to buy this!
nut swinger!
8,056 Posts
They're one of the best
vanilla gorilla
213,890 Posts
this is an awesome album.
king hippo
10,585 Posts
best bass player ever.
20,880 Posts
So fucking good.
27,833 Posts
what is the release date of this album?
Boom Boom
975 Posts
I'd kill you all just to see them one more time
4,437 Posts
great band, looking forward to getting this.
XRAY Technologist
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I got to see them 2 times and it was amazing. Once was with the Cherry Poppin' Daddies at the Electric Factory, and the other was at the Pontiac Grille with No Motiv.

A kid I know borrowed my LIVE cd a few years ago and still has it. I have all the cds up to the live one. However, the are all on tape which sucks.
I have no legs!
104 Posts
not really a big fan of punk music, but it's decent.
True Love Waits
586 Posts
Amazing band..especially live.. I have seen them a few times including their farewell tour. They will sorely be missed.
vanilla gorilla
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Originally posted by: DearDiary811

fuck you cbrickhouse

and your punk rock shit.

it sucks

dude you listen to the worst music ever.
bored, and confuse
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on my top ten list, why did they break up?
I have no legs!
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First time hearing them but, they're awsome.
I have no legs!
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