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Fired Up - Demo '05

a national acrobat   (20 reviews)

Posted: 09/11/2005 | Comments: 1 | Rate:

These guys from Conneticut have put together a demo that sounds as if it were written in 1988 and recorded in 2005. The expression "no frills hardcore" is a bit overused today, but what you have here is a 6 song demo of hardcore that isn't downtuned, doesn't have cheesy misplaced breakdowns and is straight hardcore punk rock, the way it was meant to be. Like i said previously this demo seriously sounds like it was written back in the 80's hailing influence from the such CT bands as Wide Awake and the like.

If you're into fast hardcore with a youth crew feel and heartfelt lyrics about making it somewhere in life and being the best you can (that's what i get out of it.) This demo rules, catch them live and pick up a copy, it tops a lot of releases in the same genre coming out.

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these guys get it done

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