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Foundation - When The Smoke Clears

Maryland Matt   (180 reviews)

Posted: 07/30/2011 | Comments: 1 | Rate:

Atlanta's Foundation are back with another record full of straight edge hardcore cuts strongly reminiscent of 90's titans Another Victim, Earth Crisis and One King Down. This is a group that certainly wears their influences on their sleeves and being that I, myself am a product of mid-late 1990's hardcore... I fully appreciate and embrace what it is that they are doing.

'When The Smoke Clears' is in many ways a logical continuation of their previous record 'Hang Your Head'. However, the more I listen to the new record the more I hear a furthered maturity to their song writing. The song structures are more focused and there seems to be more emphasis on vocal phrasing that best accents the riffs being played. I am a huge fan of 'Hang Your Head'... but this record easily blows it out of the water.

As was stated in Wren's review of their previous record, Foundation absolutely oozes the 90's. Socially focused lyrics, shouted lower registered vocals, mid-tempo beats, churning layered guitars and heavy pounding bass lines. All of the characteristics are there. That is not to say that I'd consider Foundation to be a "throwback" to the 90's or anything. I'm a firm believer that the classics never die and this is a modern hardcore band that draws heavily from their pool of influences, creating a style that is their own. No one else is doing what they do at this high of a level... not even most of the bands actually from the 90's that are still around.

The bottom line is that Foundation is at the top of their game. If you like your hardcore heavy and passionate... look no further than 'When The Smoke Clears'. They are on tour now, so make sure you check them out when they roll through your town.

Note: This record came out months ago, but I noticed today that it hadn't been reviewed yet. A record this good deserves praise and attention. Get into it or get lost.

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great record. solid review

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