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Frank Friend - Fleeting Feelings

Shostakovich   (109 reviews)

Posted: 10/28/2011 | Comments: 3 | Rate:

A random pick, and an interesting find.

The indie singer-songwriter genre is plagued by its ease of joining, and plenty of artists bring literally nothing but an annoyingly terrible coffee shop vibe in every song. No so much, Frank Friend here. The general sound may be nothing to freak out and cry "revolution" about, but many of the finishing touches really made this one stand out a little for me.

Throughout the tracks on this album, Frank Friend displays a fairly familiar sense of alternative acoustic pop, the same kind you've heard plenty of times over from acts like Jonah Matranga's onelinedrawing. These particular tracks though, have a bit of a well educated sense of classic artists such as Pink Floyd to them, as displayed by the organ melodies in "Mother And I" and the general atmosphere of "Sleep Well". Many of the cuts sound like polished deep tracks from old rock albums, and I really like the meandering nature of tracks like "Sunburn", which flows in and out of different sounds and recording techniques that keep the song interesting throughout.

I'd really like to hear from the artist if he reads this, I'd definitely like to know if he has any other music out there to enjoy. This right here is worth a shot if you like mellow acoustic material that simultaneously isn't too dumbed down or artsy. This is great to put on some headphones to and unwind, even if briefly as this album is pretty short.

Very neat album cover as well.

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hows this a neat album cover you silly faggot?

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Hey Shostakovich! Thanks for the review. Yes--there is more music out there, some videos on Youtube and other songs on But, really [Fleeting Feelings] is the first official release. More music is on the way. Hopefully the cover doesn't piss you off Craley.
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too late i'm fucking furious over here

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