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Geoff Westen - Vidiots - Tune In!

Jess.   (29 reviews)

Posted: 08/12/2010 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

Geoff Westen is a decorated musician who has worked with countless big names in the business throughout his career. At one point, he even owned his own recording studio where he worked with great like Bowie, Iggy Pop, Dr. John and so on. When asked about artists similar to him, Westen has responded, "I understand why people want to compare you to some other artist or band as a point of reference, but it really gets ridiculous. If I showed you the list of 'whom Geoff sounds like,' you would be amazed. It's a diverse group ranging from Oingo Boingo to The Killers to Chromeo. Wow! But, I'm not griping about it. It's great that everyone hears something different. It means if you're into rock 'n roll, you should be able to find something you like about my music - and that's what I'm striving for." I'll have to agree with Geoff Westen on that. Though I certainly drew a few comparisons myself while listening to Vidiots – Tune In!, Westen definitely brings something different and unique with this 80s-sounding power pop album.

My favorite song from the album is probably the kick-off track “Better Get Started”. The energy of the track immediately lifts my mood and makes me tap my feet and bob my head along while driving. I noticed that a lot of the songs in this collection elicit a physical response from the listener. “Action Man” is a song that you would expect to hear in any John Hughes movie, as it would fit in seamlessly. “Searching for Love” is a ballad that most single adults on the quest for true romance can connect with and relate to. This album really has it all; the quick, up-beat numbers, ballads, the haunting tracks, and a little bit of rock mixed in. It managed to keep me intrigued throughout the entire ride.

Geoff Westen’s Vidiots – Tune In! is much different than the majority of the music that the user base of this website listens to. However, to be fair, this album is much different than what anyone is listening to in this day and age, and that is what I really like about it. It is a fresh twist on an old style, and Westen has discovered how to do it perfectly. If you enjoy 80s music, power pop, or are just looking to expand your musical horizons, I would certainly suggest looking into the album. For better or worse, it will certainly introduce you to something completely new.

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