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Goatsnake - Flower of Disease

Matti Frost   (179 reviews)

Posted: 06/10/2010 | Comments: 7 | Rate:

This is a re-issue of the 2000 release on Man's Ruin Records. Goatsnake is one of many Greg Anderson projects, all of which seem to generate a massive cult following, and for good reason- the songs are fucking good.

Now, stoner/doom sludge is not really my thing, I can take it or leave it, but when it's done well it's very powerful. There's something primal about it that connects to your subconscious. Goatsnake taps into that fairly well. Anderson's loud and heavy riffing is offset nicely by Pete Stahl's smooth and airy vocals (which can kick in hard at times). When he's singing softly he has an almost Morrissey meets Ian Astbury quality to his voice, it's like a sweet elixir that washes in after a burning poison.

The boxy drums and droning bass all add to the effect, helping to bring forth a fuzzed-out bluesy rock/metal sound with amazingly catchy vocals over it all.

This might be old hat to people who have been into bands like this forever. Forgive me, I have not. This s a band... perhaps a genre, that slipped under my radar while I was dorking out to Dragonforce, but I have to say that this is one of the better examples of this style of music I've heard.

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Pulp Free
52,194 Posts

damn you really liked this one.
The Winter's Wrath
7,923 Posts
Oops. Should be 4.5, haha. EDIT!!!!
The Winter's Wrath
7,923 Posts
That was the band Grohl played for pre-Nirvana?
fear no evil
2,590 Posts
good album, but i still love and suggest to you pudge, "I" as being their best
11,730 Posts
Best shiat.
I got nothing.
5,878 Posts
Fucking awesome record!
I have no legs!
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Band is so good.

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