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Kill Your Idols - 1995-2007 Something Started Here

vincentpghpa   (33 reviews)

Posted: 07/26/2007 | Comments: 5 | Rate:

WOW! Here is another quality release from Get Outta Town records. Do these guys ever stop? They turned me on to Make or Break, then on to Haunted Life and now they are putting out the definitive Kill Your Idols anthology. It's a great release!

First off, I have to admit I am a sucker for the limited editions and "special" releases. This beauty has it all, five 7" records, all different colors, a patch, a pin, a sticker, and a comprehensive CD booklet of liner notes for every record session in the collection. Included with the pre-orders for both Get Outta Town Records' vinyl version and the Lifeline Records' CD version, comes a live CD and additional, unreleased song. It's just an all around solid release from a label that shows they care about the bands they work with and the fans of these bands.

The songs span the entire career of KYI. This was actually my introduction to KYI. I have heard nothing but good things about them but never actually got around to listening to them. I am kind of mad at myself for not checking them out sooner. Their whole catalog is awesome.

This release has so many songs on it and so many different people in the lineup over the years that it's hard to pinpoint any specific songs that really stand out. I am not too fond of a few of the covers but that's mostly because I am not a fan of the originals. There are a few exceptions though; the Slapshot and Sheer Terror covers are pretty amazing!

Some great songs on this release are "Chesterfield King and Propaghandi" "Hardcore Circa 1999" " "Nameless" and my favorite from them has got to be "From XLII To UR 90." I mean c'mon. Who hasn't made a mix tape in their youth? This one really hit home.

The vocalist and the guitarist was really the only constant in this band from beginning to end. It really shows that they did the majority of the songwriting. They made a great team together and wrote some of the best songs. The vocals are delivered in a style that really makes one appreciate hardcore. They really tear right through you and hit you like a cannonball in the gut. Kill Your Idols took hardcore and made it original again. It's a welcome change compared to some of the bands in the genre. It's a shame that a band this good had to end it and I will never get the chance to see KYI live.

As mentioned, the pre-orders include a live CD from a radio show. They sound fantastic live and have some great in between song banter going on. The CD is 14 songs of straight up Kill Your Idols in your face. The cd was an added bonus that I didn't know came with the set when I ordered it, but I am glad it did.

To those not familiar with the label, they have been going strong for about two years putting out vinyl and CDs for some excellent bands like Make or Break, Years From Now, and last year they made a 36 song compilation CD that included all current hardcore bands from everywhere in the world. This is a label I would say will last the test of time and someone to keep an eye on.

This box set is certainly a welcome addition to my (or anyone else's) music collection. It's just an all around great release with many added special items. If Get Outta Town records keep putting out quality releases like this then I can see them being around a long time. A great label like with great bands is what hardcore hasn't seen enough of. Please GOT, Keep 'em coming!

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I definitely need to listen to more of this band. I have liked the 1 or 2 songs I have heard from them, but I need to get this album most definitely.
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fuck yeh.
I have no legs!
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awesome band
Born to Expire.
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Originally posted by: eldon

awesome band

Originally posted by: eldon

awesome band

Originally posted by: eldon

awesome band

Originally posted by: eldon

awesome band

busta hymen
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is this review about the label or the cd?

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