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Make or Break - Think About It!

vincentpghpa   (33 reviews)

Posted: 01/18/2006 | Comments: 6 | Rate:

WOW! what a great cd. If you like real in your face style hardcore with the music that doesn't sound like every band out there then pick this disc up. Too many bands out there nowadays arent to original and this is quite a change than all those sound-a-likes.

A great band with a real solid release under their belts. My only complaint about this disc is that it's only 15 minutes long, but what am I bitching about. It's supposed to be quality not quantity right.

A real good & positive band with a lot to say. Break These Chains, Down For life, Take Control, Friendships Gone and a cover from sick of it all all make it seem that these 4 guys have been playing together for years. I don't know if thats true but it sounds like it. As a band these guys connect pretty well.

The drums really puch you in the gut and the vocals are really great on this too. The bass and drummer might as be one on this cd because they compliment each other pretty damn well too!I can't recommend this band enough. this release is easily in the top 15 records of 2005.

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I have no legs!
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these mp3s are good
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the songs here are pretty solid.
I have no legs!
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this is what im talkin about. good, fast hardcore. i gotta get a copy of this record.
I have no legs!
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wow, i just stumbled across this while at work. thanks so much for the kind words on our album. we appreciate you guys giving it a listen and especially commenting on the songs in addition. we have some videos and stuff up online at

thanks again.

Corndog McAssmuffi
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Pretty nice stuff.
(no comment)
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pretty cool, reminds me of kids like us, even the animation on it

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