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My Girl Sleeps - A Short Distance to Nowhere

adam hutchison   (3 reviews)

Posted: 08/09/2004 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

My Girl Sleeps originate from a town called Redditch in the Uk. They are currently signed to Chromium/E3 Records and recently won in the live final of the Carlton TV music competition 'Music Uncovered' taking over 56% of the phone vote! If you've never heard of them I know you'll be reading this wanting to know what the hell they sound like. Well the way I would probably describe their sound best is emo/pop-punk but don't tune out yet if that's not what you wanted to hear because they bring a whole fresh new sound to the genre. The Interent hype around the band doesn't seem to be too big right now but wait for all of that to change! They currently have a huge following in their hometown and I'm almost certain that following will soon shockwave around the U.K. Head over to their Pure Volume site now to check out two of the songs from their upcoming album "A Short Distance To Nowhere..." released in September 2004. Also look out for a review of that album in the next few days right here on Pure-Rock.
This is another great band who are making the U.K scene better than any other right now, make sure you check them out and support one of the U.K's finest.

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