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NOFX - Self Entitled

Maryland Matt   (180 reviews)

Posted: 09/15/2012 | Comments: 6 | Rate:

Back with another full length brimming with snarky political, religious and social commentary are pop-punk legends, NOFX. Self Entitled (their 12th full length studio release), for the most part is more of what you would expect from this group based on their track record of churning out quality punk rock records. Over the course of their nearly 30 year existence NOFX have carved out their own niche in the punk rock landscape through use of a quick lyrical wit delivered with a razor sharp comedic tongue, infectiously melodic guitars and a driving rhythm section that many have imitated but few have mastered. Just as it was on their masterpiece records White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean and Punk In Drublic... those elements are all present on this newest effort... but is there enough keeping their sound fresh to have fans renewing their subscriptions? I think so.

I can state this with a fair level of confidence because for the first time in several releases, I think NOFX have found their way back to the tried and true formula that have garnered them both fan and critical acclaim in the past. That is not to say that this record should be heralded among their best, but it is back on the right track.

For me, the keystone of the NOFX sound has always been Fat Mike's snotty vocal delivery and the content of his lyrics. His writings have always had a very firm stance politically and while I can't say that I always agree with his viewpoints, I certainly respect his right to say them and especially the manner in which he presents them. Songs like "72 Hookers" comment on religious fanaticism, "Ronnie & Mags" delves into the government war-machine and "I've Got One Jealous Again, Again" is the most personal of them all... dealing with Mike's divorce.

While I always felt the focal point to be the vocals, NOFX has always been a true juggernaut of punk rock. They have always had an absolutely incredible sense of melody and technicality in their approach to writing guitar parts. On the surface, these songs may come off as relatively standard pop-punk fare... but beneath the surface is a churning monster and you are reminded why is is that this band has been able to hang around in musical relevance for nearly 30 years.

The bottom line is that NOFX has released some of the most important records in pop-punk history... but they have also released several unfortunately forgettable ones in recent years. I won't tell you that Self Entitled is an amazing NOFX record because while it is very good, it is still on a lower tier looking up at the masterpieces they released in the 90's. With that being said, what I will tell you is that this record has taken a great stride in the right direction and they have rekindled my excitement for the future of NOFX and I hope yours will be too.

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Web Bitch
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NOFX is one of the most influential bands in my life...period. Punk In Drublic defined me as a 13-14yr old kid trying to find where I fit. You've hit it dead on with the description of their ups and downs. I like the track you posted and I can't wait to hear this album in it's entirety.
still oh so ill
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I think a real testament to a records quality is how many times you listen to it in the first week you have it. In 3 days, I've gone through this one 7 times.

Definitely check it out.
doe dubbla
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good review and im looking forward to hearing this album but i dont think this band fell off at all, ever. I love coaster, wolves, and errorism as much as drublic, white trash, and valuum
still oh so ill
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Thanks man. I never meant to imply they put out a "bad" record... I just felt that there was a dip in quality in that they weren't as memorable to me as the older classics. "Shoes" and "Valluum" were awesome records. "Wolves" was really good. "Errorism" and "Coaster" I just don't find myself going back to at all.
nah im alright
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they had a couple good songs on errorism and coaster. theyre are a few awesome songs on this and some skippable ones. they shouldve just done EP. cokie the clown was awesome too.

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