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Nirvana - With the lights out

vincentpghpa   (33 reviews)

Posted: 04/26/2005 | Comments: 16 | Rate:

Well here's a box set that is actually worth the cash you pay for it. One of the few. It's a 3 disc set and 1 DVD.
A lot of this is rough around the edges but it's meant to be like this. Some songs are demos some live and even a few b-sides and covers.
Nirvana was a very influential band in the 90's and this set of songs proves why. They were able to be different while still sounding like a really good rock band, which is all they ever tried to be.

Some of these songs aren't really recorded well and it sounds it but it's real easy to get over that. The demos here are pretty good and you can totally understand how they turned into the songs they became. some odd ones though are a little hard to listen to.

The solo acoustic songs here are actually pretty damn great. and a lot of them you won't hear elsewhere. Been a son, Polly, Even in his youth, Do ri me, Very Ape. All fantastic versions and a little different than I expected.

The live songs were from a various sources. Some from Rehearsals, some from radio appearances I do just wish they put the SNL performances on this though. There are even 2 live Zeopelin songs and one if from the very first show they did. Who knew they also had such good tast.

The outtakes and b-sides are my favorite though. Songs I have never heard or only heard live as onr time things they have recorded. Very good and a very tight unit.

The beginning of this is when they were tossing around drummers like a toy in a sandbox and it shows. after they solidified the line up it really shows how good they played together.

All in all this was a very good release from a very good band. I am glad this isn't just a greatest hits package like others bands do. this is for the collectors and for the casual fans too. Even if you have everything they put out there is enough to warrant a purchase of this.

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Gore On The Floor
1,369 Posts
Good Review...This is a cool box set of rare stuff. Nirvana was definitely influential to me back when I was 12-13.
Screaming at a Wal
1,599 Posts
this package is awesome, the DVD rules too.
Gore On The Floor
1,369 Posts
I loved them doing "Seasons in the Sun" with Kurt on drums, Krist on guitar and Dave on bass.
Web Bitch
33,523 Posts
most overrated band in history. i wouldnt pay for this box set with my own toe nail clippings.
Corndog McAssmuffi
2,096 Posts
What was the best thing Kurt Kabang ever released?

The safety on that shotgun.
Floating Boy Media
5,281 Posts
i have it, i love it, and i dont fucking care. yes i am gay and eat poo and like overatted bands.
life is gawbage
22,796 Posts
i downloaded it. . .because I'm not giving Courtney a red fucking cent
11,194 Posts
technicality = 89? i don't think so.
309 Posts
2 Posts
Nirvana that band fuking roxz I love that band it kicks ass just sad its gone now... Kurt cobains voice is so damn hot.. 0oo..


*Kurt cobain*
7,672 Posts
BAHAHAHAHAHAHA, awesome first post moron.
I smell
88 Posts
gotta love nirvana
1,022 Posts
i was kinda disappointed with this.
I have no legs!
3,781 Posts
this band is a little overated but they you do gotta love them.
Floating Boy Media
5,281 Posts
I llike it. i loved nirvana, I admit it. i saw them twice and loved it.

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