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Nuclear - Jehorvius

Gisty   (56 reviews)

Posted: 12/07/2010 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

I had never listened to Nuclear before this album was assigned to me. In doing my research beforehand I found them to be quite popular in their country of Chile and also have been releasing material dating back to 1997. They started out recording straight tapes which I can respect because that's how I started out recording in my bands. In the process of their music career, Nuclear have been recognized as one of the most active chilean metal bands. After spinning the first few songs on Jehorvius I found out exactly why.

The first song Belligerence started off slow as the guitar chord gets louder and louder driving into this fast tempo of crushing riffs and drums. When Criminal Solicitation begins, you get the sense that this band in no way slows down or wants to give the listeners ears a break from the brutality. Most of my music library does not consist of multiple bands playing the same material. When it comes to metal it's no different for me because I am very picky with what I listen to. Nuclear immediately reminds you of early to mid era Slayer and probably what slayer should still sound like haha.

But in all honesty, these guys really have grown into quite the beast in regards to their songwriting and style. When Acts of Depravity starts midway through the cd, You get their slowed down melodic side which still does not dissapoint. The only thing I can not guarantee is how other listeners will feel about the vocals. Most of the styles heard here will be on the cleaner side if that's your cup of tea. I loved the tone of the guitars on the record as they are well mixed and do not overpower the vocals. The dive bombs and high pitched leads make the overall project very enjoyable also and again make it well known that these Chileans can hack it. The overall production was pretty damn close to what i'd like to hear without taking anything away from this genre of music or sounding too commercial.

Would I reccomend this band ? Hell yeah I would. These guys have been around long enough and released tons of material to know how to make good music. The nine songs on Jehorvius should be no letdown to thrash and speed metal fans alike. Check out their early material which can be purchased directly from the bands website.

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