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Q and not U - power

liamrulz   (30 reviews)

Posted: 10/10/2004 | Comments: 12 | Rate:

I have never been a Q AND NOT U fan per se. i saw them play before, and it was fun. They always struck me as doing something kind of different from the emo that was flooding the market even back then, and i respected them for that. They took post-punk to this new fun place while still rocking it ever so slightly. But I never heard enough or had the interest to hear enough to say i really liked them. Yeah they were fun, but I was listening to a lot of depressing music at the time and there was not much room for fun in my cd collection.

However, with their latest release Q AND NOT U have won me over. I am not sure how far of a departure this is from their old stuff, but I am pretty sure it is at least somewhat different. I do not remember this band being so dance and 80's influenced, but this is one booty shaking release while still managing to sound indy rock. There is not a lot of sampling, but the general feel of this band is like something to dance to, there are a few slower songs, one sounding almost like a hymn. However the majority of these tracks are not what i was expecting at all, not rock as much as new wave ish club stuff. One thing i did not expect was the political nature of this band. When you listen to these poppy, jangly, and sometimes danceable tracks of pure joy, the last thing you would expect is a political message but it is right there waiting for you to read the lyrics inside. As i checked out their website it became clear that they were taking this political thing seriously, many of their pages featuring prominent links to progressice websites with the title "stay informed". I was very pleasently surprised by the poetry and intelligence of their lyrics, choosing to abstractly paint you a picture of what they are saying rather then just ounch you in the face with it. I really respect this band a lot after checking out this release.

So if you like funkyness in with your rock, and want something to dance to as well as make you think, this would be a great releade for you.

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whiskey dick
11,638 Posts
i like this band a lot but have yet to see them live.
961 Posts
Concurrance with this review. I was listening to this record in my friend's car in the morning on the way to work and it just struck me as so happy and - alive. It was sick, hah.
make it work for y
2,940 Posts
great band, great live.
2,945 Posts
The are coming to an area club called the Soapbox soon. I am definitely going to see them
The King Of Hxc
51 Posts
goooooooood band
Is a Fuck-up
2,184 Posts
Got this album, it's nice
Is a Fuck-up
2,184 Posts
Oh and it is slightly funkier then some of the other stuff
Your Average Junki
277 Posts
This CD is sooo fucking good.
mark cuban
307 Posts
i love this band. i would love to see them live.
Old is Gold.
22,931 Posts

HORRIBLE band. Just terrible.

set your body abla
39 Posts
i seen some songs of the new album live in pittsburgh , wow. .. awesome show , funniest show for a long time
Cool Enough For Yo
799 Posts
im quite the fan of No Kill No Beep Beep

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