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Scott Kelly & The Road Home - The Forgiven Ghost In Me

Maryland Matt   (180 reviews)

Posted: 10/19/2012 | Comments: 2 | Rate:

Neurosis is a band that I have found to be truly inspired ever since I stumbled upon their record Through Silver In Blood nearly two decades ago. This is inspiration on a level that I have found to be paralleled in very few instances. With their heart firmly pinned to their sleeve, they express raw emotion oftentimes through very dimly lit and poetic writing... and densely layered orchestrations of atmospheric metal fused with a strong element of folk. While to some, vocalist/guitarist Scott Kelly may be just another cog in the machine... but this newest solo effort is proof that his unique touch on the writing is what makes the Neurosis machine hum.

The Forgiven Ghost In Me is a reserved yet haunting reminder of how honest and vulnerable music can make you. The songs on this solo effort enter your mind and coil around your heart, becoming an ever present reminder of your own mortality. Kelly's gravel lined throat births his low howl through the sparsely populated acoustic landscape that this record creates. Upon a cursory look, these 8 tracks may appear to have a very coarse and dreary veneer, but once the surface is scratched the true beauty of this work shines through.

The bottom line is that this record will firmly latch on to you if you will allow it to... but that is something you have to open yourself up to and accept. If you are a fan of Neurosis, I think this is something that you really need to hear. It will strip away the aggression and give you a peek behind the curtain and their inner workings. It is a very dark and moody ride, but I truly believe that any listener with an open mind will be truly rewarded by the experience of hearing this beautiful work.

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The shy retirer
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Got this recently and really dig it.
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Sounds interesting

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