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Signs Of Hope - First And Foremost

Crack Pie   (1937 reviews)

Posted: 03/13/2010 | Comments: 1 | Rate:

I've heard a bit about Connecticut's Signs Of Hope in the last couple years. Two different opinions, they are absolutely terrible, or they are incredible. Knowing exactly what style of hardcore they play, I kind of just figured it would be the former. However, I really hadn't heard them until I received there 2007 album to review.

"First and Foremost" is an album of ten very familiar hardcore songs. Youth crew is what is going on here, and like always if you've heard bands like Ten Yard Fight or In My Eyes you know exactly what you are getting. Short songs about positivity and loving hardcore, an almost unbearable amount of gang vocals, mosh parts, and the occasional GO!. The production on this thing is just right, not too polished and not too raw. Unfortunately, the songs are so incredibly mediocre. I wish I could say more about this. These guys clearly are into the music and have fun playing it, but it doesn't do a whole lot for me. They aren't writing bad songs, but there isn't anything amazing either.

Signs Of Hope have put out another release on Detonate Records called "Choices Made" in 2009. I'm sure like most bands they have improved and I will find out in a minute when I download it from the link at the right. The band has both of these releases available for free download on their web site (yes, an actual band web site). If you are into any kind of hardcore I think this is worth checking out, but don't expect to be blown away.

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well forget the link.....looks like they have every song available here

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