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Strength For A Reason - Burden Of Hope

WREN   (346 reviews)

Posted: 09/21/2009 | Comments: 5 | Rate:

It’s pretty impressive when a band can be around for a million years, release a half a dozen releases between splits, EPs, 7 inches, full lengths, and still continue to outdo themselves each time. This is exactly the sentiment I feel when I listened to Pennsylvania heavyweights, Strength For A Reason’s latest release titled Burden Of Hope.

I’ve seen SFAR since their early days and practically with each show the band became better and better. Their first full length Show And Prove did just that. It showed the world who they were and proved they were a force to be reckoned with. Their follow-up full length Blood, Faith, Loyalty was so good that it nearly made me forget that Show And Prove even existed. It also contains hands down my favorite song by the band (Refuse To Fall). I really believed that in 2005 we were witnessing the peak of the band. Then they decided to release their newest record Burden Of Hope which is by far the bands best material too date. Never had I thought they could surpass the last record and they did so with flying colors.

Sure the older material will always hold a place in my heart, especially in a live setting. From 2001 until way passed the days of the bands existence, I will be singing big Karl’s lyrics but as far as the quality of song writing, this tops anything they’ve previously done. Everything that is of the signature sound that makes up SFAR, this album has beefed it all up. Jack and Tom’s thrash licks in conjunction with the beats courtesy of Jimmy and Ed will seep right into your dance shoes and cause nothing but movement. The old school creepy crawl parts will have you moving back and forth no matter if you are on the floor or in your bedroom. And let’s not forget the breakdowns that will fill you with the need to decapitate all opposition on the dance floor. I’ll put big Karl up against any other frontmen in the genre and they will more than likely fall. He delivers his messages of loyalty, brotherhood, and the defense of hardcore’s honor like few out there can. SFAR is the total package as far as I’m concerned and without a doubt my favorite band from my home state.

I truly believe that SFAR is a band for everyone that loves hardcore and Burden Of Hope is definitely a contender for hardcore release of the year. The music will grab you and you’ll connect immediately with the lyrics. If you never heard the band before this is a good record to start with. But to truly appreciate them, go check them out live, especially while they are playing material from this release. You are in for a real treat.

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sill here
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nothing they do is a disappointment.
is not impressed
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site needs and updated band pic
Strength 4 A Reaso
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Has an updated pic, but looks like there are 2 band profiles. One made by me ( and the one listed on this page. We'll see if Brickhouse can work his magic and fix it.
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Times have been rough lately for me. Burden Of Hope has been my go to record...kinda replaced Sheer Terror & Life Of Agony.....Thats HUGE....Great Rec brothers
I have no legs!
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SFAR RULES! PAHC Forever! Great fucking record! Torn to Pieces could be one of my fav songs EVER!

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