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Strung Out - Exile in Oblivion

cbrickhouse   (1851 reviews)

Posted: 10/22/2004 | Comments: 20 | Rate:

Wow! Strung out has changed, for the better. I liked their stuff before, but they have really morphed into quite a talented, good band. These record has solos... really good ones. Their songwriting skills have stepped up about 5 notches, making this damn worth the money to buy it.

It's hard to place any sort of genre tag on this album, so I'll just say that this is going to be in my cd player for quite a while. It still has punk influence, but now there are so many new elements involved. I hear distinct boysetsfire influcence in this one as well. The drumming is about as tight as it gets, as well as the rest of the music.

But the most suprising thing about it is the guitarwork. For a punk/postppunk band, these guys really shred it. I even hear a sklight melodic metal influence at times. The vocals are mostly melodic style clean vocals, but at times he goes a little nuts and almost screams. I say almost because it's not like he's doing the sing/scream shit that so many bands are doing lately, it's different.

I don't think I can say enough good things about this, all i can say is you need to check it out. It's got something for everyone.

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11,194 Posts
awesome, i'm exicted to hear this. they have a lot of talent.
mushroom factory
3,826 Posts
i'm extremely excited to hear this cd. their last cd "an american paradox" is one of the most well-written and interesting cds fat wreck ever released... plus the two new songs i downloaded are amazing.
nice band list
478 Posts
i like the change, i've been enjoying it since i dl'ed it
27,833 Posts
I look forward to hearing this album
poker slut
6,235 Posts
i'm fuckin buying this

11,194 Posts
wow, this album is awesome. i think it is now my favorite strung out album, and one of my favorite albums of the year.
3,132 Posts
Strung Out will never cease to amaze me, always innovative and always progressing this has got to be one of the best releases of the year and quite possibly their best release to date.

but i do forgive y
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I really want to check this out. Strung Out is an amazing band.
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Always knew they were good, but somehow I've never really listened to their stuff. Not until now that is. Great disc. great band.
chicago on fire
1 Posts
This album tops American Paradox by far
Punk Rawker
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This album is simply great. Analog and Her Name in Blood are definitly going to become future Strung Out staple songs. It hasn't left my playlist of my top 5 cds since it came out.
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This cd kicks ass. Plain and simple. Go buy it.
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They went from my favorite band ever to a band whose latest cd I have not fully listened through yet. I guess I got sick of Jason's voice.
It's witchunt time
7 Posts
Fantastic record, even the couple songs i wasn't super keen on at first, have become great with time.
I have no legs!
68 Posts
wow, Im really excited about this CD now. I kind of listened to it but I didnt really like it as much as "An American Paradox." So I didnt buy it. but after reading all you guys say how awesome it is, I guess i made a mistake by not getting it. I love the old Strung Out but Im starting to think I might like the new Strung Out even better.

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