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Swashbuckle - Crewed By The Damned

WREN   (346 reviews)

Posted: 12/18/2008 | Comments: 8 | Rate:

YO HO! YO HO! The pirate's life for me! Atleast now it is after listening to Swashbuckle's, Crewed By The Damned. I've never wanted to hijack a boat, find me a buried treasure, and slay a kraken more than while I was listening to this record. The metal genre is full of Viking metal, its about time that the Pirates show they can rock as well.

Taking inspiration from practically every classic thrash band these scallywags deliver a pure shred fest that will surely have you in pillage-mode by the halfway point of the CD. There are not words that can describe how captivating the thrash licks are on this record. Driving while listening to this is not recommended because you'll want to drive at 120mph and ram into anything in your path. Scattered throughout are solos that are so catchy you'll be whistling them on your own after a few listens, much like you do with some of the older Metallica solos.

Aside from the musical flogging that is the heavier material, what really caught my attention are the folkish arrangements that appear between almost every track. These instrumentals are put together so well that they feel as if they have been plucked straight from the 14th century and placed on this record. Although the metal portions of the records are phenomenal these little jigs, to me, really show the bands level of talent. It will be hard for most people to reject grabbing the nearest bottle of rum and chugging straight from the bottle when these intermissions kick in.

With all the awesomeness that is the music itself, I nearly forgot to mention the vocals. If you have not heard Pat Bastard's vocals yet you are really missing out. He has a natural low growl that isn't forced and really commands the lyrics. His voice has quickly become one of my personal favorites. He's also one of the best frontmen I've ever witnessed. I think he and Eli (XXX Maniak) should have a showdown. We would all win.

Most gimmick bands only work in small doses and at best are nothing more than a comic novelty. A band has to really dive into the theme and let the concept steer in order for the band to separate themselves from the jokes. GWAR are the kings at this but Swashbuckle isn't far behind. You can tell by the lyrical content that there was a lot of time spent on becoming familiar the terminology and essence that was the pirate's life of yesteryears. I also noticed a few creative tie-ins to present day phrases. And if this doesn't sell you, the band plays in full pirate attire.

I've been on a nostalgia kick as of late and pretty much refused to listen to anything new. When this album was given to me it didn't leave my CD player for almost 2 weeks. I'd put something else in, it would last 2 songs, and I'd go right back to this album. I still go back to it all the time. This album goes highly recommended to any fan of 80's era no frills thrash. On top of the music you'll get an interesting lyrical content to go with it. Have fun trying not to start a sword fight.


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Lets go Mets!!!
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How did we end up getting two nautical reviews in a row. I've got to drop everything I'm doing to fine if Brickhouse sent me any maritime gold and make it 3.
Pulp Free
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go for it.
dr. spaceman
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really fun album to listen to.
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New album "Back To the Noose" in '09.

Shit is gonna be fucking epic and insanely fast.
Pulp Free
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If its better than this record then i'm going to start wetting myself.
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Consider yourself soaked.
I have no legs!
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Best band.
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record is amazing.

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