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The Echelon Effect - Distance Desire

GLB_saint   (19 reviews)

Posted: 06/09/2010 | Comments: 3 | Rate:

An ambient experimental band hailing from London, England. David Walters is the only member playing as he puts it 'everything'.

This EP is great, it's easy listening and mellow. The tracks last from 4 minutes to 9 and the guitar melody is great to listen to slow, tuneful and comfortable. Whether electronic or real at different parts the drums add to each song or mood and the songs take different paces and outputs to make them slow or tension filled, thus, contrasting, as 'negative echo' takes a short darker route but then merging into 'Sleep Patterns' which is long, mournful and thoughtful. The songs say what they do in the title, describing the feeling, tempo and style you will receive when listening to them.

The background synth adds a great feel to each song making them ambient and effective, however, it goes mildly out of tune briefly in 'Sleep Patterns', off-putting to say the least, but it isn't long and the song itself builds up very strongly for a penultimate breakdown which involves yet again a lovely tuneful, clean, guitar melody.

If your into this kind of music I seriously recommend it, or if your looking for something soothing for the soul, check it out!

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I've been listening to this for a couple days now, awesome.
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Ye I know 'Defying gravity to reach you' is so good
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