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The Living Daylights - What Keeps You Breathing

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Posted: 07/07/2011 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

Thought this review was going to be about a suave secret agent in the late 80's with perfectly coiffed hair and a license to kill? Nope, sorry to disappoint. But, I am glad to say that The Living Daylights won't be disappointing anyone anytime soon.

Hailing from the United Kingdom (Didn't I just do a review on a band from there? They're breeding like flies. But, I digress.) The Living Daylights are basically the Polar Bear Club of the Queen's favorite island. These boys play feel-good-pop-flavored-punk-rock with a wee bit of post-hardcore thrown in for good measure, giving you even more sing along anthems for your summer drives to "anywhere but here". The Living Daylights have found their sound and I dare you not to tap your foot or bop your head in time with every song on this album.

I do have to admit that I may be partial to this style of music, but these guys are damn good at it and have recorded one "bloody" good CD. The more notable tracks include: "Sights and Sounds," "These Roads," and "Beyond This Town." Songs about youth, regret, and "needing to get the hell out of this town." Everything I personally love songs to be about.

This is a perfect album for the summer/road trip frame of mind, while still having those late-night-thinking-alone moments thrown in for good measure. I highly recommended this.

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