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The Snake The Cross The Crown - Mander Salis

cbrickhouse   (1851 reviews)

Posted: 07/21/2004 | Comments: 17 | Rate:

I like this quite a bit. It's a good escape from all the bad emo, boring hardcore, and whacky numetal I've been getting lately. This is a rock band that plays some pretty interesting songs... their songwriting is pretty freaking sweet as well. They remind me of several quality popular rock bands of the past 20 years but I can't quite put my finger on it besides the slight similarity to the Beatles... which we all know is a great thing to have going on, especially if you can draw influence without being a complete copycat. That's the case with this band.

The vocals are probably the best part of this, the dude can sing, thats for sure. He doesn't stick to any particular formula like some singers, it seems like he flows flawlessly with the music, and doesn't try to overstep his abilities like some singers; IE trying to sing too high, or trying to go too deep when their natural voices don't allow for it.

This will be in my regular playlist from now on, every once in a while it's nice to relax and listen to somethign that doesn't pulverize your ear drums.

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righh righh
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This cd's okay The Snake The Cross Crown is an ok band

I have no legs!
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TSTCTC are better than the beatles.
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Solid record from a band that has totally impressed me. This is very different than their EP, like Chris said, they sound more like the Beatles on this record. this is GOOD music, people.
space is deep
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Originally posted by:xtimothyx

TSTCTC are better than the beatles.

now i'm're a fake poster. either that or you try really hard to piss people off by saying the some of the dumbest shit ever.
tbm band bitch
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this cd bores the hell out of me.. if it werent for the good vocals i would have thrown it away by now.
the sandman
36,573 Posts
i enjoy this band

they are definitely perfect for the chill role
the forsaken
201 Posts
For once I agree with you.
I have no legs!
33 Posts
How come tons of people on this site always hear cds way before they come out?
I have no legs!
12 Posts
because they're greater than you.
dying tickles
523 Posts
because they "steal" music. i've liked this band for a while, since their ep, like a moth before the flame, came out a while back. good to see them getting a little respect
I have no legs!
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the singer does have a super sexy voice...and it is relaxing so yeah i do like them, i just hate that name
El Duderino
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The Beatles? Sounds as much like the Beatles as slapping Tofu against my ass.
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these boys are great, i've seen them live a lot and they never cease to amaze. I think the fact that they switch up the singers shows such all around talent, carl kevin and william are all talented singers and different when it comes to sound.

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i'm listening to this album for the first time right now, it's very good.
suit up
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this band is awesome.

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