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Through Thorn and Brier - Good Grief

Crack Pie   (1929 reviews)

Posted: 12/27/2011 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

Through Thorn and Brier seemed pretty fucking stereotypical when I received their cassette tape for review. With the band name and the cover art of an upside down cross and a dead rat I was pretty sure I was in for some d-beat influenced hardcore for bearded types. Stereotypes exist for a reason.

Immediately on "The Sorry Flesh" this New Jersey quartet begins ripping through this four song EP. The aforementioned d-beat style is what seems to be the main focus for the band, but that doesn't stop plenty of hardcore and even shades of black metal from popping up in their sound. While the majority of their songs are led by buzzsaw guitars, my favorite moments are when they slow things down considerably but still don't lose any ferocity.

Vocally there seems to be more than one thing going on. The main vocals are a powerful gravelly voice that fits perfect with the rest of the music. Occasionally another voice pops up, but it isn't always as prominent as the track "Old Dogs, New Wounds." The track is a slight departure from the previous three, but sounds plenty enough like the rest of the songs to not sound like a different band. Around the two minute mark they slip into a Modern Life Is War-ish slow hardcore style that is done decently.

I've spent a lot of time listening to these four songs and each time I have grown to like Through Thorn and Brier a little more. I still don't think this is great, but I am very glad I got this to review. Hopefully these guys can get some attention and some more songs will get recorded. I like the direction they are headed and I think this EP is a great start.

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