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Thursday - A City by the Light Divided

knifeandfacetragedy   (61 reviews)

Posted: 05/10/2006 | Comments: 43 | Rate:

So, I know I'll probably get railed by a bunch of fat, greasy metalheads with shitty taste in music for writing this review, but I'm going with it anyways.

So this is Thursday's fourth full length, and they've created quite a masterpiece. One thing I've always loved about this band is that they continually evolve; no one album is a duplicate of anything they've done before. Every album they've put out has topped its genre, and yet instead of living off the royalties of one successful release, they push themselves to reinvent their own sound and create something new and progressively more amazing, from several standpoints.

The music on this album is so well written that it sounds like you're watching a movie. Every song is so packed with emotion, a roller-coaster of ups and downs that it is almost exhausting to listen to the complex, woven guitar riffing and keyboard melodies, all put together through endless amounts of vocals. The song structures are more independent of one another than Thursday has ever pulled off. Every song tells its own story, both in the lyrics and in the musical message.

Musically, this album is a much more experimental approach than their previous records. Full Collapse and War All the Time had extremely high production with precision clarity, making it sound like a major label, studio "screamo" release, regardless of the quality of music. This album takes a step back, production wise, and combined with the more ethereal sounds they have incorporated, it has an incredibly profound impact on the listener. Many of the songs have cryptic, subdued vocals, while almost synthetic sounding guitar riffs weave in and out of keyboard melodies to paint a picture. This is a significant departure from their old releases, but they still did not skip a beat. The drumming is signature Tucker Rule, though he's taken some of his signature kick/snare patterns out and incorporated a more dancy feel, which I didn't think I'd like but it really adds something to a lot of the songs.

Ultimately, this album is a huge progression for Thursday. It took me a few days for it to grow on me because of how different it is, but ultimately it was a wise decision for them to ditch the whinier, emo sound. Their new take on indie rock proves that there's still something left from the genre to salvage.

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hangs w/ Bill Ayer
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Honestly, I have been ultimately disappointed by every single demo/new release/leak from every band that's dropped lately (Thursday, Underoath, TSOAF), EXCEPT for Poison The Well.

This album is pretty trite and it seems like a convoluted hodge-podge of War All The Time and current trends in this genre. I just don't see Thursday gaining much from here on.

This is truly disappointing, coming from someone who stands by all of their previous material (including War All The Time).
righh righh
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I was a bit disapointed.
XRAY Technologist
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I like it.
Favorite tracks:
The Other Side of the Crash
Counting 5-4-3-2-1
At This Velocity
We Will Overcome
Telegraph Avenue Kiss
Dead Serious
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I always thought this band peeked at Waiting, still was good at Full Collapse, and then...
too many laws!
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i bought war all the time and couldnt stand the greater part of that im a little skeptic about getting this one
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I hated this at first, but I'm starting to like it
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Ehh, I will wait until I can find it used and then maybe I will pick up the album. After the first album this band has not done anything exciting.
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Waiting was great, but don't you get a bit sick of the whiney scream/pathetic shouting after a while? That album is just so juvenile - Thursday has grown up and they aren't screaming about teenage angst anymore ... this album is the result of a hell of a lot of maturing, both musically and personally.

I should have said that their single from this album, Counting 5-4-3-2-1, ties with We Will Overcome as the worst tracks on the album. They really shine on the other side of the crash, running from the rain, telegraph avenue kiss, the lovesong writer and into the blinding light - the rest of the tracks are good but these are the pinnacle of the album.
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I was disappointed with the song "Counting 54321", but thats the only new song I've heard. I might check this out, but chances are I'll stick with Full Collapse.
party monster
7,972 Posts
I like it, but not as much as Full Collapse.
life is gawbage
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I'm kinda not feeling it.

and I liked the last album (except for the single)
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city by the light divided is AMAZING!
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i miss their full collapse sound.....
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i'm taking the time to listen to this album right this second.. 5 tracks in and i haven't wanted to skip over or shut off yet. after War All The Time, i thought i was going to have to move Thursday down a few spots on my top band list (i wasn't impressed with their major-label debut AT ALL), but i'm really glad i gave Geoff and the boys a second chance.
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i really wasn't into war all the time, but this is not too bad, its kinda repetitive. not as good as full collapse though. and the single is pretty sucky.

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