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Trivium - Ascendancy

cbrickhouse   (1851 reviews)

Posted: 02/19/2005 | Comments: 81 | Rate:

I first heard this band when I was sent "Ember to Inferno". Shortly after that album was released, they signed to Roadrunner Records. And Personlly I think they are the best band on that label right now. This album cements it. They were signed due to the explosion of melodic US metal onto the mainstream, only to surpass all their precursors.

I thought "Ember..." was good as hell, but this one makes it look pretty shoddy in comparison. Their skill level is still at a level unheard of in guys their age, but the solos have gotten even better, the songwriting is even more solid, and they get a little more adventurous.

Most people will probably have a problem with the clean vocals, but I think they fit in nicely with this band.

I know people will be quick to call these guys a run of the mill Shadows Fall or Killswitch Engage copycat: but the bottom line is if you listen to this entire release you will see Trivium is better than both aformentioned bands by a mile.

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Calm down playa
258 Posts
I like this band alot, but I do agree that people get put off by the singing
24,541 Posts
Im a sucker for those kind of vocals.
vanilla gorilla
213,890 Posts
he is a good singer. and it actually sounds good with the music, so i don't have a problem with it.
Garblar the extrem
257 Posts
This band has an abundance of talent...more power to them
2,706 Posts
i really like this band
weekend warrior
286 Posts
how did they get a rating of 0/100?
Calm down playa
258 Posts
The fucking singer just turned 19, hes a lucky bastard and a talented one at that
Time Cubin'
6,281 Posts
saw trivium not to long ago, they are probably the tightest band I have ever seen play live. the new cd is definitely a few kinds of awesome.
I have no legs!
1,757 Posts
this band has been getting ripped on lots lately. i like em though. they write good songs and have talent, and good music is good music, regardless.
2,507 Posts
2005 is going to be a good year.
11,194 Posts
from what i've heard, they're pretty good, i'll be checking this out.
I smell
88 Posts
Great band. Not A Shadow's Fall, or KSE wanna be.
16 Posts
This CD is so good. Matt's guitar skills are amazing, one of the best young guitarists
15,260 Posts
the album's awesome, better live.
15,260 Posts
awesome album, better live though

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