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Usurper - Cryptobeast

cbrickhouse   (1851 reviews)

Posted: 12/26/2004 | Comments: 3 | Rate:

This band is the embodiment of metal, and is indeed the soundtrack to war. Brutal, at times pummeling, and at the same time melodic and punishing. It obviously took alot of time, effort, and concentration to make such a well constructed monument to musical perfection.

All members of the band play in perfect unision to create a tight sounding metal masterpiece, song after song. I could easily see this music playing in background of "The 13th Warrior" or "Lord of the Rings". The most suprising thing about this and is that even though they sound like they'd be from some cold desolate European country, they're from right in the US, Chicago... not usually thought of as a hotbed for metal bands.

From blastbeats to melodic flowing rythms to solos, this covers everything. It can either pick you up or slam you into the ground, depening on the mood they're going for.

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east bay grease
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I really want to hear this. Looks like one of the (much) better releases of Earache of late, seeing as they've signed shit like Adema this year.
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wow, they're from chicago?!
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eh......i havent really decided if i like them yet.

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