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the Black Tie Operation - Carpe Diem

Travis Fry   (128 reviews)

Posted: 05/02/2011 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

Carpe Diem is the follow up record to their self titled cd. Their last album had some potential but wasn't very focused. Having their new album to review I was curious to see if they had grown any. As I had hoped this one is way more focused by concentrating on what they do well.

It is much harder than their previous effort with less junk thrown in. It is like a mix of Rancid and the Casualties making it a fine tuned street punk record. Its in-your-face and well played. They definitely have a more comfortable feel with their instruments this time around making them sound more experienced and serious about their art. This gives a very natural feel to songs and and does not feel like they were forcing different parts into it for the sake of complexity or to change it up.

The vocals sound like a mix of Tim Armstrong and Jorge. He also has more confidence with his vocals than last time as well. He belts out the lyrics with as much emotion as you can while screaming. He is able to fully utilize his voice to its maximum potential with sticking to one genre.

After listening to "Carpe Diem" their first album no longer exists to me. This album is a great improvement and I am very impressed with their growth as a band. You can definitely hear the influences behind this band but its the song quality that sets this album apart. It is really nice to hear some great new street punk from this near dead genre. If they had come out twelve years earlier, they could have made it big. Unfortunately they will probably fly under the radar for most people and never gain the attention they truly deserve.

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