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the Toy Dolls - The Album After the Last

Travis Fry   (128 reviews)

Posted: 09/07/2012 | Comments: 2 | Rate:

For the past thirty-three years the Toy Dolls have been making a silly type of punk rock that is both lovable and entertaining to many people. Despite the fact they were easily accessible I had never even given them a chance. After avoiding them for so many years their newest album shows up at my doorstep for me to review.

I put the album on and to my surprise it was fun and energetic. I couldn't not like this album. The vocals are probably the biggest thing most people will hate about this band though. He uses a high pitched voice and does some incredibly weird things with his voice like making it crack or just plain using silly voices. I found these things charming and it did not impede my enjoyment of this record.

The music is upbeat punk rock music. Nothing too fancy but super catchy all the same. The copy I got included three acoustic bonus tracks. Somehow this actually worked quite well. The songs have the same feel to them on acoustic as it does electric.

Overall this album surprised me as I did not expect to like these guys as much as I do. Is it album of the year? Nah but it a super fun punk rock album from a group that have been around a very long time. As I have never listened to them I can't compare it the older stuff but I am sure they have not changed too much if any.

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The Winter's Wrath
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Love this band.
here be dragons
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i don't know how you could listen to the Toy Dolls and not automatically be put in a great mood. such a fun band.

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