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Terraformer - Self-Titled EP

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Posted: 12/19/2010 | Comments: 1 | Rate:

Well, it has been a while since I've listened to this kind of music, but I decided to check out Terraformer's feature on SK. I was very pleasantly surprised.

Terraformer, a 3-piece instrumental math/post rock band from Belgium, writes impressively mature music considering that this is their first EP. A lot of their songs remind me of Russian Circles; the tapping riffs especially. However, bands like Russian Circles tend to be too focused on the "build-up" aspect of their songs, which causes them to be somewhere around 8 minutes long. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against long songs, but lots of post-rock outfits keep repeating the same riffs for minutes on end, ultimately losing my attention. Terraformer, for the most part, gets right to point with their songs. The aforementioned build-ups are present, are just as effective, and much more concise. The song Eva is the best example of this, and probably my favorite on the EP. It starts out like something you would expect from EITS/Red Sparowes, then in come the tapping riffs, followed by a well-orchestrated and crushing outro. A few of the samples, especially in "Highway Rabbit...," threw me off, but a few missteps are to be expected on a band's first outing.

I'm a sucker for all-over-the-place riffs, and weird time signatures, so maybe I'm a little biased. But if you haven't checked this band out yet, do so now and you won't be disappointed. This is a solid EP from a very promising band.

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solid review.

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