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I See Stars - The End Of The World Party

Ron Shark   (233 reviews)

Posted: 03/14/2011 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

I really can't wait to see what kids latch onto next. If you told me 5 years ago that crabcore, crunkcore, what the fuck-ever-core would be popular I would of course ask what the hell is that and then laughed my ass off when described what it is. I would follow that up with no one would ever consider that good. Well, the youth of today are an odd bunch and never cease to amaze me. What will replace this in popularity honestly frightens me.

When I first saw that this was on Sumerian Records I was expecting boring, over the top technical metalcore. I wish I was right. This pile of auditory shit had me longing for stuff like Born of Osiris. I See Stars are the epitome of the nonsense that, for a lack of a better term, crabcore is. They have the Hot Topic emo, a touch of synth pop, a good helping of modern generic metalcore, and sprinkled with dance beats. All of that is met with out of key "emo" vocals, autotuned vocals, and awful screamed metalcore vocals. Seriously, I can't make that up. Sadly this stuff gets called post hardcore. I feel bad for bands like Quicksand.

The album plays like a textbook run through what is popular. It all comes off very generic and uninspired (which I could imagine it would hard to be inspired when this is your genre of music). This band is perfect if you're an angsty teenager looking to rebel until the next fad comes along. If this is the soundtrack to the end of the world then I don't want to be invited to that party. I'll go to Medeski, Martin, and Wood's end of the world party instead (they used this album title). If you cherish your hearing, I beg you to stay clear of this.

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