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Loss - Despond

Maryland Matt   (180 reviews)

Posted: 05/26/2011 | Comments: 5 | Rate:

I'm going to be brutally honest and tell all of you that my experience in the realm of "funeral doom" is quite limited, but I will do my best to write this review from the standpoint of someone who appreciates all forms of metal.

Though I do indulge in many acts whose work feed off of despair when inspired to write, never have I come across a band who embrace and envelop such an overwhelming sense of total hopelessness as Loss does. Unrelentingly, 'Despond' pummels you with an absolutely crushing guitar tone. In a sound as dense as a tidal surge of wet cement, they weave in guitar harmonies that at times give their sound an eerie melodic quality while never losing their footing in the bleak groundwork they've laid.

In recent research I've found that much like their contemporaries in the genre of "funeral doom", their tempo rarely peaks above that of a crawl. It is in this fact that the true nature of their grim sensibilities are structured and allowed to flourish into a lush soundscape of anguish.

The vocal delivery on this record is vilely guttural and tortured. While not all that dissimilar to that of the classic death metal style, these tormented growls coupled with the aforementioned notes on the grim instrumentation presented here really create true sonic depression unlike that of any release I've previously experienced.

When I first received this record for review, I thoroughly enjoyed the first couple songs I listened to but then I felt the need to move on to something else due to a sense of unease. I came back to 'Despond' later after having a chance to cleanse my musical palate and I enjoyed the next few songs as I did the previous ones... but found myself once again ill at ease. It soon dawned on me that this record actually effected my mental state... pushing me further and further into a negative mindset. Rarely does music of this ilk have an effect on me in such a way and for that I applaud Loss.

There are VERY few records that I consider to be perfect... Loss 'Despond' can almost count itself among them. The true experience in listening to this record is gained through the big picture. When digested as a total work and not as individual songs, Loss is able to slowly drag you into their dismal abyss of broken hope. This record is quite possibly one of the most depressing creations I have ever crossed paths with. Whether or not I am better off for it remains to be seen... but one thing is absolutely certain... this record will get under your skin.

I can not recommend this record for the casual metal listener, as this is not for everyone... but if you find yourself drawn to metal that embraces despair and pain... you need to hear this.

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Band's is so good. Don't see the Neurosis thing, could replace it with Skepticism and Worship and I'd agree though.
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Also, band posted a link to this review on their Facebook page.
still oh so ill
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In their more quiet moments they reminded me of Neurosis... Like I said, I'm not entirely familiar with this style... but Loss is going to change that. I owe them.
I have no legs!
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just great! i have been waiting for so long this release... DOOM ON
vanilla gorilla
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