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You Got Served: Beat The World - Original Soundtrack

Travis Fry   (128 reviews)

Posted: 07/22/2011 | Comments: 1 | Rate:

This album is part of EarthTones' Music with a Heart series which gives portion of the proceeds to help support under-privileged students at Debbie Allen's Dance Academy.

When first downloading this album, I noticed a few names I had heard before like: KRS-One and Talib Kweli. I had only heard a few songs from them but knew enough that made this something I could possibly get into.

Right off, the first song "Hip Hop Nation" was a heavy hip hop song that reminded me of stuff that was coming out in the 90's. Even the rapping here was top notch. It had female chorus and numerous people on here. It had a very party song feel to it. This is by far the best track on the entire album.

The next song was a slow song and very repetitive that would have been much better at half the length. "Any Girl" was more upbeat but really did nothing for me. I really didn't find another track that was memorable until Talib Kweli's "Infinite Love." The last tracks surprised me as well. The were quite listenable compared to the three songs between KRS-One and Talib Kweli.

All the songs have great beats and the vocal parts all fit very well. It has a very old school feel to it with no autotuning here. It was nice to hear hip hop without it but about half of the songs I just could not really enjoy very much. I am extremely picky on my hip-hop so for more avid listeners of the genre I could see them enjoying this record. Although I wasn't a huge fan of this record, I would recommend this for the few really great tracks on here plus it has the bonus of it being a good cause.

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