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Junius/Rosetta - Split

Chris_High   (32 reviews)

Posted: 09/14/2011 | Comments: 2 | Rate:

I love Rosetta. Never heard of Junius. There you are all caught up.

I was immediately impressed with Junius. As I said above, I had never heard of Junius, so I had no idea what to expect. With their track A Dark Day With Night, you get a spacey odyssey that I really dig. Simple yet ominous, tinkering guitars and electronics that seriously take you somewhere else. The vocals remind me of eighties post punk and new wavy stuff.
This song was a really interesting experience, I don't know if I should expect similar stuff from Junius but I'm going to check them out for sure.

Rosetta's track TMA-3 starts out just how I would expect a Rosetta track to start these days. Calming guitars with plodding tribalesque drums. This song sounds like a b-side to A Determinism of Morality and I'm thrilled with that. I love A Determinism... It builds into the low end yet still melodic and hypnotizing and that's what I love about Rosetta.

If you enjoy either of these bands, definitely check it out. If you are looking for some chill ass music and haven't heard either of these groups, check it out. As I'm glad I did because I got a great song from a group I had never heard of and a great song from a group I love.

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Hadn't heard of Junius until recently. Good shit. They just got added the Enslaved, Alcest tour since Ghost dropped off.
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You gonna be there Visionary?

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