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Dr. Living Dead - s/t

Mark Rooster   (7 reviews)

Posted: 02/20/2012 | Comments: 1 | Rate:

Looking over Dr. Living Dead's self-titled LP, track titles like "Kindergarten Cop," "Gremlins Night," and "Kerry Burger King" jumped out at me, gave the heads-up that, lyrically, things weren't going to get too serious here.

But man, these guys are serious about fucking shredding. Most of the tracks on this album are insane two-minute thrashers that blast out the gates and never let up. I'd love to see these guys live; if they put on half the show their record suggests, it'd be something to see.

Dr. Living Dead is from Sweden, and they've been making a name for themselves the last couple years, putting out a couple EP's prior to this album, and touring with Slayer. Their sound should be well received by anyone who can appreciate the crossover style of early Suicidal Tendencies or Anthrax.

Speaking of Anthrax, track #3, "Revenge on John," is a perfect parody of "NFL," employing a similar melody, with lyrics done Joey Belladonna-style, only the song's about Gruber from "Die Hard 3" this time, not John Belushi. Lyrically, clever, nearly brilliant, and musically intense. Also probably the first time "Die Hard 3" has been adapted this manner. I'm sure "Chucky" has probably been discussed at some point by a metal or punk band, and the Gremlins from "Gremlins Night" might even have had their turn--but "Die Hard 3"? Or for that matter, "Kindergarten Cop"?

They have a few slow ones that are heavy as hell, including "My Brain is for Sale," one of the best tracks on the album, and the closer, "Reptiles Beneath."

I really don't have anything bad to say about this album. From the cartoonish, spooky artwork, to the bizarre lyrical themes, and musicianship, this is a great record.

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