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Terrorizer - Hordes Of Zombies

Shostakovich   (109 reviews)

Posted: 08/03/2012 | Comments: 2 | Rate:

Straight out of the gate, the newest Terrorizer album takes off like a loud rusty machine running out of control. After more than a quarter century, Terrorizer still occasionally rises from the dead (oooooo see what I did there?!) with the sole intent of pummeling listeners into oblivion. For those keeping track, this is actually only their third album, after Darker Days Ahead, and of course World Downfall, which non-negotiably belongs in your collection if you like any kind of distorted guitars whatsoever.

The years since this project began haven't exactly been kind to the band. Most members from the original lineup went on to bigger bands almost immediately. Jesse Pintado to a decade of playing in grind godfathers Napalm Death, and David Vincent to building and eventually ultimately ruining Morbid Angel, one of my favorite bands of all time. (seriously, fuck David Vincent and fuck Morbid Angel, that last album is fucking inexcusable you pricks)

Pintado's death in 2006 seemed to seal the fate of the band, but 6 years later they have managed to soldier on. Singer Anthony Rezhawk and guitarist Katina have joined the band from Resistant Culture, and former Morbid Angel/Monstrosity fill-in Tony Norman joined Pete Sandoval on this outing. Though not the same band as 1989 by any means, Terrorizer has managed to put out a fairly decent album with "Hordes Of Zombies."

Nothing much really needs to be said about the music. This is grindcore, and if you need to be told about it, you probably don't want to listen to it anyway. There are approximately 4 different beats used throughout this record, and all of them are pretty damn good. Slow part, thrash part, grind part, pick-up beat. Mix, match, repeat, profit. The music here relies not on originality but in the precision and attack that only 30 years of playing death metal can bring. It's not even worth breaking down individual tracks or finding any highlight moments. Still though, this is leaps and bounds ahead of anything any of the current members have released in......well too many years to count. (seriously, Illud Divinum Insanus.....WHAT THE FUCK, M.A.?)

The same complaints many had about "Darker Days Ahead" could probably apply here. Anthony's vocals are a little too deathy and samey to make the band stand out much, or even sound like their 1989 selves. It is also so well executed and produced that some of the life has been sucked out in favor of digital accuracy, something that true grindcore is arguably incompatible with. Then you have the nerds like me who can't get over the fact that only one original member played on this recording, blah blah, David Vincent blah blah Oscar Garcia, etc.

I also seem to recall a really odd incident where some band accused them of stealing a pretty unmemorable riff in one of the songs on this album. It was so odd it seemed like a publicity stunt, which, if it really was, I'd be disheartened to know. This is a band who used to let the grind madness speak for them.

Overall......that'll do Terrorizer.....that'll do...

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Pulp Free
52,194 Posts
I haven't even listen to this yet. The last record stunk and was afraid of a repeat. I'll give it a once listen shot to see if it impresses me.
do svidaniya
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I mean it's good. it's not like any of them suddenly lost talent. but other than a general sound and various members it just doesn't automatically scream "Terrorizer" to me

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