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The Casualties - Resistance

Travis Fry   (128 reviews)

Posted: 08/07/2012 | Comments: 3 | Rate:

When I was first go into punk one of the bands that I missed was the Casualties. It wasn't until their album Die Hards came out that I had my first introduction to them. I had already been listening to other street punk bands at the time so I gave it a chance. It was fast and really enjoyable. His vocals were sweet. They had an edge but you could still sing along. Since then I have checked various albums from them. Not enjoying their last album very much I went into this album with low expectations.

It starts right off with some sweet thrashy street punk. It reminded me of what I really enjoyed from them. As the album progresses it doesn't relent one bit. The songs are pretty awesome and a few are instant classics. This sounds like something they would have put out early in their career but higher quality production.

Although it has the old sound to it, I would say this album is not a rehashing of their heyday records but a new record coming full circle for the fans.

My review copy included the bonus track you get with the vinyl release and digipack release. This song is fits right in with the rest of the album. Its a good song, actually a really good song but it may not warrant having to buy the special editions unless you want the extra stuff with the digipack or if you want the vinyl already.

This album is great. Its really nice seeing long standing bands releasing albums that are as passionate and in your face as they were doing 15 years ago. I would mark this as being one of the better albums they have done.

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Web Bitch
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The Casualties were the first headlining band I ever booked when I was like 15, I'll never not give them a chance. Need to check this out.
still oh so ill
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Their last full length was vicious. I can't wait to dig into this.
do svidaniya
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did I read this correctly? Season Of Mist Records?

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