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Pro-Pain - Straight To The Dome

Shostakovich   (109 reviews)

Posted: 08/15/2012 | Comments: 3 | Rate:

The fucking 90's. The motherfucking 90's. At the time it somehow made sense, but looking back, what the hell was going on? Just as death metal was scratching through to the surface, metal took this bizarre shift that created a lost decade that ultimately ended in nu-metal. New York was a particularly central place for this. The marriage of metal with noise rock and early 90's hardcore gave birth to a worldwide scene of guys forgoing leather, spikes, and Satan in favor of Adidas, shaved heads and button-up shirts singing songs about stuff that was actually happening in the world. The worst of them begat the world of JNCO's and colored contact lenses. The best of them....and here I'm talking about bands like Helmet, Unsane, and Pro Pain...focused on unrelenting riffage and quality songwriting that captured the best of the 90's alternative spirit.

Pro Pain in particular, featuring ex members of crossover gods The Crumbsuckers, put the word "groove" in groove-metal. Predating any number of New York hardcore bands that would later use this style to its fullest effect, Pro Pain has forever been churning out songs packed with tough, crunchy low-E based riffs with the sole intention of causing violent mosh pitting and head banging. And even 20 years in and featuring almost zero original members, they still manage to bring some of the most intense, honest, and pounding metal tinged hardcore possible to the table.

"Straight To The Dome", along with some of the band's more recent catalog, has a lot more in common with bands like Hatebreed or Terror than the band's older groovier days, but with zero drop in quality. I'd go as far as saying the band may be more intense and heavier than they've ever been. Fast thrash flawlessly turns into fist swinging mosh grooves to last you for days. Gary Meskill's vocals are harsher than they've ever been, comparable to Max Cavalera or Lou Koller at their most intense moments. This is like the band's 1999 classic "Act Of God" on bath salts. To add to the fury, the production is top notch, something that the band has perhaps lacked over the last couple releases.

I really can't find anything bad to say about this record. Pro Pain is one of those bands that seem to always deliver, even if they've done absolutely nothing to expand their sound or progress in any way. They don't need to.

Bottom line: if you buy this record you will punch everything in sight in sheer excitement and joy.

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