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The Drowning Men - All Of The Unknown

AKelly   (133 reviews)

Posted: 09/20/2012 | Comments: 3 | Rate:

This is the last of a few physical copies I've received to do recently, and certainly the hardest for me to review. I've avoided doing this one not because it's a bad album, but because I don't really have anything to say that could add to other reviews that are out there or offer up any more knowledge about this genre that I unfortunately don't know much about. That said, here's my opinion of the album:

The Drowning Men have been around for 6 years and this is their second full-length, released on Flogging Molly's own label. The whole record is one that will certainly make you listen to it again if you enjoy this type of music. There's tons of musical ability showcased and many parts to listen for. From ukelele to synth, it's all here. The effects they use on the guitars make are always very fitting and add to the lushness and ambiance of their sound, one of my favorite aspects of the album. Although many of the songs are upbeat and pretty happy, there's some variations such as very eerie and some almost punky parts. All the tracks are pretty mid-tempoed, but there's so much going on that it wouldn't be the same if they tried to speed things up. It also has plenty of hooks, but it is more or less the overall sound that really catches your attention rather than one part you thought was 'catchy.'

I would recommend this record for people who really enjoy the experience of putting their headphones on and getting fully immersed in what art the band has to offer. You could listen to this album 5 times and pick out something different you hadn't heard before, which is a pretty unique and admirable quality.

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I was thrown off a little since there s already a band named Drowningman.
mr. birthdaysex
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same. seriously

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