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Haarp - Husks

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Haarp are a sludge/doom band out of New Orleans. Husks is their sophomore album released on Phil Anselmo's House Core Records. I've been sitting on this album for awhile now. Not because I can't make my mind up about it, I know I like it, but because of its length. 40 minutes isn't an absurd length for a record, but when it is only split into three different tracks it is hard to listen to piece by piece. So finally I think I have gathered enough of it to make a fair evaluation.

"Deadman/Rabbit" is the first track and does not get things off to a hurried start. At almost eighteen minutes in length the song goes through plenty of transitions. However, none stray too far from the standard sludge or doom territory. What is missing from some of the more sludgier elements is the bluesy feel that is usually prominent in the genre. That isn't to say it is totally non-existent, it happens, just not as often as you'd expect from a sludge band based out of NOLA.

The band hits the expected marks with their desolate sound and the vocals slowly pour out throughout the record and are pronounced enough that figuring out the lyrics isn't a problem. From what I've gotten out of them vocalist Shaun isn't a very happy guy.

I wasn't at all familiar with Haarp before listening to this record. So I went back to their last record The Filth, and found I like it a lot better. My biggest complaint about Husks is the length of the songs and lack of intriguing parts. I have forgotten I was listening to this more than once and it is hard to find a positive in that. I like this record, but I'd rather listen to their last.

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This record is brutal, they're awesome and really good dudes.
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