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The Casket Lottery - Real Fear

GordDaBoy   (56 reviews)

Posted: 11/05/2012 | Comments: 3 | Rate:

Over the years The Casket Lottery have always been grouped in with bands like Small Brown Bike and Hot Water Music. For good reason considering they have not only done splits with both bands, but endless touring as well. Personally I always thought the Casket Lottery were a little more progressive and no where near as poppy as other said bands. With "Real Fear" they took my opinion and ran with it full throttle.

Having some of the elements that make up the classic Casket Lottery sound, but adding many new ones as well. This album has a very different approach compared to the their prior work. "Real Fear" has a much darker and angrier compromise to it. Much like the last work of Coliseum, The Casket Lottery have thrown a curve ball here. Almost in a post hardcore sound more so than post rock. Yes, they're that pissed on this album. When they're not pissed they focus their songs on a darker goth punk sound yet still manage to make it melodic like they've always been.

The progression of the album has not only more of a maturation to it, but more sincerity of their peers(see similar bands) latest releases. It's great to hear a band that's been doing it as long as The Casket Lottery to take a huge step in a direction no one saw them taking. As oppose to writing another typical post rock/pop rock album. If you would want a little taste of that classic sound just to open up to the album check out the song "Radiation Bells" first. That happens to be the most reminiscent song of their elder material.

If you're a fan of any of their previous works I can't say if you'll like or dislike this album. What I will say is you owe it not only to them, but yourself to check it out. With the expansion of their sound I'm sure they'll widen their fan base, but possibly at the cost of losing some long time fans. I believe the risk will out weigh the possible loss and rightfully so.

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Love the album.
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The album is amazingg. You guys should hear it.
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