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Kids Insane - All over

Connor_McGaha   (38 reviews)

Posted: 03/24/2013 | Comments: 10 | Rate:

This is the best surprise I've heard in awhile, boys and girls. Kids Insane hail from the always-turbulent Tel Aviv, Israel, and they kick ass like few bands in the Americas do. Every scene is a little different, and these guys liken themselves to bands like Modern Life Is War and Refused, but I hear Wes Eisold all over this. From the frantic rock n' roll stylings of the album, to the sheer heaviness and brutality of their hardcore punk art form, these Israeli boys give us an incredible debut with "All Over," and a real treat for any hardcore punk fan.

Beginning with "Love," a fast, American Nightmare-influenced song, this track sets the album ablaze, giving the listener fair warning that this experience with music will be a deep inhale of the early 2000s, and an exhale of brilliant, aggressive music. Bringing swagger and passion, similar to Deathwish bands from the turn of the millennium--without any of the cliches or gimmicks--the first two tracks bang through 4 and a half minutes of furious hardcore.

"No Place Like Home" is more reminiscent of bands like Life Long Tragedy, with a straight-forward hardcore punk approach, and adds nice, random leads thrown in whenever these boys so desire. Diverse vocals permeate the track, ranging from Daryl Palumbo-style speaking to to Wes Eisold screams, and every beautiful medium in between.

"Don't Need This" kicks more ass than I care to elaborate on. Like a Give Up The Ghost worship tribute, this track is catchy, technically proficient, and I can't explain the feeling I got in my gut when vocalist Corey screams "I'M ONLY FUCKING HUMAN." Greatness.

"Waste" and "Story Of A Lonely Street" definitely do play into the Refused influence they claimed, with a little bit of "Black Sails"-era AFI vocals thrown in, which is always nice when used properly (which, of course, these boys do). Jammy, anxious songs that I dig a whole hell of a lot. And you will, too.

"Fix It" is a song that I've never really heard an equal to--and I mean that in the best way. Capturing the fury of Black Flag, the simple melody of Touche Amore, and emotive lyrics to back, this song rips through 3 entirely welcome minutes of sweet-ass punk.

"Same Shit, Different Scene" is an all-out assault on the politics of hardcore that is oddly reminiscent of glassjaw's "Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence," but, seeing as it's one of my favorite albums of all time, I was totally fine with that. However, the other half of the song is all Suicidal Tendencies riffs, which is always rad as hell.

"Wrecking Ball" sounds like a B-side from "We're Down 'Til We're Underground," and is welcomed as such. I can't believe how rad this song is. The only bone I have to pick is the southern-style riffing that happens in the breakdown/bridge, but even that is fun and definitely enjoyable.

"Spread It All Over" is the brilliant closer to this album, with a Modern Life Is War, "Hell Is For Heroes pt. II"-style intro, and ends the album with a 3 and a half-minute long, fast, heavy, melody-driven banger. Furious, scathing, and spewing rattlesnake venom over wax, this track ends the album perfectly.

Tel Aviv's Kids Insane have a real knack for brilliant, early 2000s American hardcore. Though the irony is interesting to see, the outcome is beautiful and honestly, done better than most of the early 2000s American bands. These boys are a real treat, and I'm so grateful I got to do this review.

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That's a really nice review!

TAKE IT BACK RECORDS just released "All Over" on vinyl.
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Touche Amore sounding. I dig.
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Boy you've got a lot to say, Wendell!

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