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Incendiary - Cost Of Living

Crack Pie   (1937 reviews)

Posted: 03/25/2013 | Comments: 5 | Rate:

Long Island's Incendiary has been making a ruckus in the northeast hardcore scene for quite awhile now. They began in the summer of 2007 and have a considerable amount of records under their belts already. There were splits with Suburban Scum, Xibalba and Unrestrained as well as their debut EP Amongst The Filth and their LP Crusade released in 2009. Each release gained them well deserved notoriety, but with Cost Of Living the band is bound to get the attention of the rest of the hardcore scene.

Incendiary sound like a band that could have been part of Victory Records roster in the late 90's. They draw a lot of similarities and comparisons to New York bands like Indecision/Most Precious Blood, Buried Alive and Snapcase. The higher pitched vocals and the bands locality make the Indecision association even easier to make. The vocals are not where the similarities end though. Cost Of Living is a heavy record, lots of mosh parts are littered all over the record with only one or two sounding forced or out of place.

I've been listening to this a lot since it was sent to me for review and I can't say it is all that different from anything they have released in the past. The songwriting is pretty much the same and they haven't added anything to glitz up their sound, but something about Cost of Living sounds more solid than their past records. Incendiary comes across more confident and unapologetic. Production has never been an issue with any of their releases so I know that isn't the difference maker. The heavier parts just sound like their are performed with a little extra emphasis and the vocal placement always hits the mark.

Incendiary was never a clumsy band before, but Cost Of Living has tightened up into a solid fist that smashes through the duration of its track list. I'm not sure how much the band tours, but if this record gets the hype it deserves and they hit the road I can see them blowing up this year.

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mr. birthdaysex
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album is so fucking good
I have no legs!
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I'm loving this release. Just another example of true solid hardcore is still alive and kicking in 2013. I love the heaviness and over all groove of the album. I've slept on this band for years until recently and I am pleasantly surprised. I hope they come out to Erie, PA sometime.
I have no legs!
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hardcore for life
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Originally posted by: Aunt_Pee

album is so fucking good

I have no legs!
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