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(the) Melvins - Everybody Loves Sausages

GordDaBoy   (56 reviews)

Posted: 04/15/2013 | Comments: 4 | Rate:

So by now if you're not familiar with (the) Melvins I would go ahead and educate yourself by getting out from under the rock you're under and get their whole discography. After you do and for those who already know, we're all aware of how weird they are. Well if you ever wanted a blueprint of their influences behind the weird that is the Melvins, here it is. A 13 track cover album of these legends covering every spectrum of music. From metallers Venom to classic rock icons David Bowie and Queen. After going from one dimension to the next they give us another entirely different spectrum and more. The classic "Black Betty" and even a fuckin Tales of Terror cover. Who does that?! The best part is they genuinely love every band they cover and it shows as they proudly honor every band in their rendition of these songs.

Although most of the album is the proper Melvins lineup (feat. Osborne, Dale Crover, Jared Warren and Coady Willis) there are a couple of songs recorded as the Melvins Lite incarnation (Osborne, Crover and Trevor Dunn): "Female Trouble" (Divine a.k.a. John Waters), "Timothy Leary Lives" (Pop-O-Pies) and "Romance By Tales of Terror" (Tales of Terror). And as if that wasn't enough names for you they had some help from some other big names for this album. All our mentioned in the track listing, but Scott Kelly from Neurosis and Jello Biafra from DK are to name a few.

Every song/band being covered on the album is different. With that said, I don't think a band could of nailed each one while still sounding like the same band doing the covers. It's unbelievable how the Melvins can turn a punk song, a classic rock song or even a pop song and give it that big grungey dirt feel to it. All While still capturing the original artists elements of said song. Not taking a damn thing away from it.

This is a treat to any Melvins fan. Even if you're not, to hear a band play classics with a dirty twist to it while still keeping the original sound is a hard task. Which I think will be appreciated by the fans of those bands being covered. Once again whether it's their jams or not another great album from the kings of grunge.

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Their renditions of "Female Trouble" and "You're My Best Friend" make this album for me. Pretty awesome.
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It's mind blowing how the Melvins can turn a punk tune, an exemplary shake tune or even a pop melody and give it that enormous grungey soil feels to it. All While as yet catching the first specialists components of said melody. Not removing a damn thing from it. Actually, I want to know about but this website have some unique content about different aspects of issues.

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