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Poison Tongues - For Freedom's Sake

Copstabber Dave   (15 reviews)

Posted: 02/11/2016 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

If you got 12 minutes to spare I say peep this shit. Good solid hardcore from Detroit featuring members of Earthmover and some other bands that I don't remember the names of. This quick and dirty 4 song banger has everything going for it...heavy chugging parts, crowd participation hijinks, tough sounding vocals everything you really need and short enough that they leave you wanting more. This is one of those bands that puts out a sick EP like this and then you get all fuckin amped up and go see it live and they absolutely destroy you. I definitely look forward to when these guys make it around my way. "Bastards" starts out the record with an up tempo thrashy number that breaks down into a groove heavy pre chorus part. I love this song, and you will find lots of similar cool changes throughout the whole record. It definitely falls into the more metal side of hardcore like so much Midwest shit has in the past. I can see the crowd losing their shit at a little after the 2 minute point of this song and sustaining some real deal prolonged violence until the song is over. "Vagabond" would probably be the low point on the album for me and there really isn't shit wrong with this song, I just think it is pretty standard good hardcore but it feels like it is missing something...and that something is probably just a hot as room with a hundred motherfuckers beating each other up. Again I can't help but assume that this is a band that is going to be best experienced live...even if the record I a good fun listen. "Lions" and "Keep your Head Down" finish the record out and Lions is probably my favorite track on the album. It has some kick ass fast parts and breaks down into some bona fide beatdown territory. And Keep your head down wraps it up with pro the most metal influenced song on the record. I love the cadence of the vocals and there are a bunch of cool tempo changes, different vocalists each getting real solid chances to shine. This song is the longest one on the record and as it is wrapping up you are fucking stoked for the next one...and that's leaves you sitting there dying for more, and in my case needing to reorganize my work desk because I desk moshed all my shit all over the place...

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