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Burn It Down: let the dead bury the dead -

unify   (3 reviews)

Posted: 11/15/2000 | Comments: 0 | Rate:

I couldn't have cared less about burn it down before this cd came out. They used to just blend in with the countless other metalcore bands out there. Now granted on this new album they are doing nothing new but they are taking an existing genre and showing us how to truely do it right. This is amazing right down to the rolling stones cover (paint it black). The only drawback to this album are the two last songs in which they go a little to rock and roll for my tastes. However on this release, Ryan truely shows his talent as a vocalist combining the tradmark growl with an absolutly amazing singing voice, I had no idea he had it in him. I would definitly say that this will remain in my cd player for quite awh

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