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Hawthorne Heights - The Silence in Black and White

cbrickhouse   (1851 reviews)

Posted: 05/24/2004 | Comments: 123 | Rate:

Victory Records has expanded so much since the days of Blood For Blood, Earth Crisis, Strife, and Deadguy. They went from releasing hardcore cds to releasing mainly whatever you would refer to bands likethis is, and frankly I'm sick of trying to figure out what to call this stuff. I guess you can listen to the below Mp3s and make up your own mind.

This band sounds a crapload like Thursday, but this guy's voice is a little better and not as off-tune as the guy from Thursday. However they follow the same sing and (unessesary) screaming. Save the screaming for death metal and grindcore, where it makes sense. If they were to get rid of that I'd be rating this a bit higher. They have part similar to hardcore breakdowns... and I'm almost 100% sure every 16 year old on this site will have these guys in their favorite band list within the month this is released.

All in all... this is definetly nothing original. If too many bands keep releasing stuff like this and I have to keep reviewing it, I may pull my hair out. Mainly because I've gotten 5 other cds this week that sound exactly like this. It's not terrible... but it's not great either. If anyone replies to this review with "you don't know what you're talking about this band RAWKKKSSS!!!!" it will prove my point that rich white kids have found a new "grunge" to blast in their cul-de-sacs. Well they can have it... I'm going to put on some In-Quest and probably never listen to this again.

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osr represent
2,052 Posts
I'm honestly not even going to bother with this disc
method actor
38 Posts
i liked the mp3's they had..they're making a stop here in Houston with Alexisonfire and Silverstein..hope to catch them!
dying tickles
523 Posts
wow, no more please
Burnt to Embers
1,159 Posts
meh, nothing special
i am the sun
11,979 Posts
this release was actually highley anticipated in my area,but i think it sucks. i every one of thier songs they say heart,and have that single string-picking shit going on.sounds like everything else.
23 Posts
yeh true emo sucks face...

but whats wrong with being a little open minded about music, indie to deathmetal, i listen to it all, and its all wonderful i think...but i know people don't realize or think like that, their stuck in their own world of metalcore or what if someone wants to be emotional...who gives a fuck what they want...
67 Posts
Hahaha....I like these guys...
388 Posts
i like hawthorne heights
cubic time cube
51,395 Posts
in all the ads i see for these guys, they always talk about their "triple guitar attack". what good is bragging about having three guitar players when none of them is doing a single thing interesting in the songs?
righh righh
3,411 Posts
it's crap
Da Thread Killa
9,070 Posts
They're from around here, and while it's cool that local bands get exposure, I'd rather see something different get boosted than the same old shit.
uses gel markers.
37 Posts
Maybe if the mp3 wasn't a shitty demo...
uses gel markers.
37 Posts
Maybe if the mp3 wasn't a shitty demo...
I AM ME...I think?
19 Posts
I see this band like everywhere and they totally suck...if u never heard of them keep it that way and go listen to something a whole lot better.
I have no legs!
12 Posts
I have seen these guys a live. They are nice guys. And fun. But not my taste in music. Oh well they are doing something with their lives. Non the less.

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