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Alexisonfire - Watch Out

cbrickhouse   (1851 reviews)

Posted: 07/01/2004 | Comments: 228 | Rate:

Sing scream sing scream (overplayed melodic guitar part) sing scream sing scream (pseudo breakdown) screeeeeeaaaam.

There, I summed this Cd up in less than one paragraph. Nothing about this crap kept me interested. I only made it through one whole song and about 40 seconds each of all the rest. All the songs sound about the same, this isn't worth the plastic it's pressed on. But apparently everyone else in the world loves them, so this review will probably get a buttload of replies like "OMG yer an idiiot who obviously knows nothing about music, Alexonfire rulez dude!" Well fuck you, you're wrong, this thing fuckin sucks.

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Oh this site?
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I dug this band a good amount. They are definitely in the FATA vein of metalcore, but still good.

That 44 caliber love letter straight to your heart line (or my heart or whatever it is) is definitely a cheese ball lyric but damn do I dig it.
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im a fan
In sha'Allah
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Originally posted by: cbrickhouse

Originally posted by:Far From The Sky

andatevene tutti a farvi dare nel culo brutti stronzi!!Gli Alexisonfire sono un grande gruppo e se nn lo capite e se nn capite quello che cazzo ho detto siete solo degli stronzi ignoranti americani..stronzi del cazzo morite nel peggior modo possibile.A morte gli ignoranti!

translation: i am an italian idiot.

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