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Alesana - The Emptiness

RazorRamon   (25 reviews)

Posted: 01/26/2010 | Comments: 2 | Rate:

"The Emptiness" is probably one of the more catchy metalcore releases I have heard in a while. The songs are well put together, boasting hook driven songs augmented by layered, multifaceted musical arrangements featuring guitars both acoustic and electric, tasteful keyboard parts, and the occasional string section for added dramatic effect.

Alesana manages to avoid the pratfalls of many of their musical peers, ditching the metal by numbers formula that has left many fans of the genre wanting for more. Instead of writing a song around a breakdown, the band has managed to go back to the age old practice of writing a solid ALBUM. The songs serve the purpose of making the record stronger as a whole, whereas many of their contemporaries are stuck in the cycle of writing two solid singles per record while the rest of the tracks serve as nothing but mere filler.

My major qualm with "The Emptiness" lies in the vocal performance. While boasting impressive range in the department of melodic vocals, and the screaming capacities of the vocalists also proving to be suitable to the music, there is virtually no break in the vocals. It would have been nice to let the guitars take up center stage more often over the course of the record.

Songs like "A Lunatics Lament" and "The Lover" highlight Alesana's ability to craft catchy music that does not forsake drive for melody. The overall feel of the record is big, and the tracks are ordered in such a way that it gives the feeling of a story arc over the course of the album. Spoken word interludes between songs tie everything together nicely. I am interested to see if Alesana could deliver on this live and have it compare to the overall tone of the recording.

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brandon tyler 3
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One of my favorite cds
mr. birthdaysex
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kids from winston, glad they got a good review.

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