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The Scare - Saints Among Snakes

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Posted: 01/28/2010 | Comments: 1 | Rate:

This five song EP was released by Washington D.C.'s The Scare in 2006. I vaguely remember the band playing a show in Harrisburg with Bane and Strike Anywhere. I was pretty unimpressed then, and still feel the same way.

The EP actually starts out sounding like some pretty decent anthemitic hardcore. Unfortunately the sound quickly grows tiresome and the inconsistency in the vocals gets painful. The Scare seems to have been trying way hard to be melodic. The singer has great shouting vocals, but puts them aside for the majority of these five songs to show off his putrid singing voice. Musically, it is pretty generic melodic hardcore/punk rock. Lyrically, this guy was clearly going for the "horror" thing. How much can you sing about blood, pain, venom, graves in five songs? These guys were trying to figure that out. Fortunately I only received the CD to review and didn't go through the insert to actually count.

This whole disc isn't a lost cause, it just seems very uninspired and bland. I am really trying to like this, but it isn't happening. The Scare seems capable of putting out a good record, but this isn't it.

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