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Alcoholic Faith Mission - Let This Be The Last Night We Care

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Posted: 04/12/2010 | Comments: 2 | Rate:

Well this CD caught me completely off-guard...

With a name Like Alcoholic Faith Mission, I honestly had no preconceived notions of what they could sound like other than that they were on the more Indie-band-based Paper Garden Records. Their effort, "Let This Be The Last Night We Care" definitely opened my eyes, and ears, to something different than what I'm used to hearing... and it was amazing.

Denmark's Alcoholic Faith Mission do more than just "play" their version of laid back Indie rock, they orchestrate beautiful and sometimes querky masterpieces that get you to not only tap your foot, but beg you to sing-along. One such track is "Got Love? Got Shellfish!" that got me bobbing my head and wishing I knew the lyrics so that I could sing along.

I think one of the most interesting and fun parts about the band is their incorperation of group vocals, both male and female, through-out the CD. It gives it more of a "Everyone else is singing, why the hell aren't you?!" feel.

My favorite track is "Sobriety Up and Left." It shows the more depressing side of the band, but knowing my musical tastes, that's right up my alley. (As American Nightmare so eloquently put it, "The saddest songs make sense to me.")

If you get a chance and need a breath of fresh air when it comes to music, check these guys out.

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