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Ceremony - Rohnert Park

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Posted: 06/01/2010 | Comments: 12 | Rate:

Back again with another abrasive and often odd-ballish full length, Ceremony brings you 13 tracks of old school hardcore in the vein of Black Flag and the Cro-mags. If I closed my eyes and didn't know what year it was, I swear I was back in line at CBGB's waiting for a sunday matinee. Everything about "Rohnert Park" screams old-school hardcore punk worship.

From spoken word ramblings to full-on anger fueled sermons on every subject from boredom to addiction, Ceremony plans to get their point across. That they desperately wish the 80's were still raging. I'm almost amazed there isn't atleast one track bashing Reagan.

Recording-wise, "Rohnert Park" sounds like it could have been recorded on a small 4-track in their practice space. I'm not saying it sounds horribly mixed or anything, just very raw. (Which I think is what they were going for.)

Although this isn't my cup of tea when it comes to hardcore, I can see why they still have a very dedicated following. They stay true to what they like and say fuck you if you don't like it. So, if you're in the mood for a time-warp to the hey day of pissed off hardcore, then this is right up your alley. (Mohawk not included.)

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pizza is bae
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i love Ceremony, will check this out
161 Posts
im gay
45,264 Posts
ill actually give this one a try. why the fuck not..
7,951 Posts
This is so fucking good. Total 80's hardcore worship, in the best possible way. Cannot wait to hear this on vinyl.
I have no legs!
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They are still around? Will check it out tho'
12,352 Posts
Just listened to this and it rules. Way different than anything they've done but in a good way.
breeze 'em out
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i dug those 2 new tracks i heard. it sounds like the guitarist had been listening to a lot of WIRE. about to listen to the whole record now.
I have no legs!
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sees air
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Not really into it.
Born to Expire.
6,628 Posts
Band rules.
I have no legs!
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Superb album.!!!!
19,190 Posts
very fun disk

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